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The Internet is a Scary Place

Scary Shirt
In honor of Halloween, here is a scary article. Well, maybe only the first half is scary.

Google is the New Microsoft. You have to use them. Microsoft Office used to be the default business app; now, it's Google Search. Everyone's afraid of them. If you're a startup and Google moves into your space, your company is done. They say scary things: "If you have something that you don't want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place." This was said by Google CEO Eric Schmidt in 2009. Here's a great response to this statement by Bruce Schneier, a computer security specialist.

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Barnes and Nobel came out with their NOOKcolor today which is really just a 7" Android tablet specialized for reading ebooks, specifically those from BN's NOOKbooks store. This got me thinking that the killer "device" that everyone is trying to create should really be a original NOOK (e-ink) on one side and a NOOKcolor on the other side. Take the devices and glue them back to back. Call it a NOOKflip. You can browse for books and use all your apps on the color side, but when's time for serious reading, the e-ink side is there. Of course, these two screens would share the same OS, hardware, and storage.

Really though, Apple should adopt this idea in their iPad (and possibly their iPhone and iPod Touch) and add an e-ink screen to the back. These new devices would be a full iOS device but with an e-ink option for reading books, PDFs and long websites. But you can still run all your apps, games and watch movies on the beautiful, color LCD.

The best solution would be a screen that can do both e-ink and color LCD. While I'm confident some people are working on this, I'm afraid it's a couple years off.

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MacBook > iPad

Contrary to popular belief, an iPad is not the best device for a flight. I just flew from Los Angeles to Albuquerque to San Francisco and back to Los Angeles and developed a this blog from scratch on my MacBook. How could I ever expect to do that with an iPad? Sure, I could hook up a keyboard and write some code. But with my MacBook I'm able to have an Apache server with PHP on my local computer and develop, debug and view what I'm doing in real-time. Now everyone is not a web developer, but most people could get something done on a flight instead of watching a movie. Sure, the ipad can be used to read books, but I think a Kindle or Nook is better for that.

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The Adam Carolla ShowAPM: A Prairie Home Companion's News from Lake WobegonCarCastDiggnationCar TalkNPR: Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!This American Lifethis WEEK in TECHYoga & other useful stuff with Tara Stiles

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Movies on Your Mac

Watching movies on your Mac is easy. However, there are a bunch of ways to get movies on your Mac. Different methods have different costs. With a few notable exceptions, it seems there is an inverse relationship between movie quality and price. Listed below is how to get movies on your Mac in no particular order. (Most of this works for Windows or Linux, but that complicates the title of this article. Also, most of this works for TV shows.)

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vTHiNK: Blogging comes to USC's Viterbi School of Engineering

The great recruitment team at USC's VIterbi School of Engineering, code-named Viterbi Student Ambassadors (VSA), has just launched a blogging tool coined vTHiNK. I'm not sure about the capitalization, but I like the name. This sounds like a great idea for a school always on the edge of technology.

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iPhone App Development

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Google Says I Need Swimming Lessons

There used to be a sweet screenshot here, but it has been lost.

In my continual quest to find quicker routes from USC to Disneyland, a Google Maps search presents me with the longest route yet: 11,908 km (about 31 days 12 hours). This includes step 60: "swim across the Atlantic Ocean", a distance of 5,572km. I'm unsure how much of the 31 days is to be devoted to this feat, but it is interesting that this distance is part of the 11,908km for the total trip, as this time would obvisiously not be spent driving. Also, I can think of numerous spots named USC that are alot closer to Disneyland than Poland.

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The Future of Blogging

The future of blogging is something I am going to call live-blogging or dynamic-blooging. As blogs move more into mainstream media coverage areas, bloggers will cover events as they happen. Similar to how MacRumors covers Apple events, these blogs will be updated by the minute as new information about a story, game, event, etc. becomes available. Photos will be added as they are taken. People are also going to pair together and create wiki-blog conglomerations, not unlike the archaic press agencies. These groups will be and are able to cover a city or topic as this is already going on today in most major cities. These sites will continue to encroach onto the grounds previously only held by the papers and TV stations as time goes by.

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Why I Moved from Wordpress to Blogger

Ok, so to that one person who read my wordpress blog and are now looking at my blogger blog, this might be interesting to you. First, when I got started this whole blogging thing, I really had no idea what it was all about. Come to think of it, I still have no idea. Anyway, I just used wordpress because that's what a friend of mine was using. Please don't take this the wrong way; I love wordpress. It is easy to use yet expandable for lots of content. It has some awesome features like better tagging then blogger, great themes, and better organization than blogger. However it does have downsides to blogger, otherwise I would have stayed.

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An Overview of the Future of Technology

The following was inspired by a TWiM episode from before the new year.

Convergence is happening, just slowly. Cell phones are getting better internet access. Computers are becoming more mobile. And other devices (cameras, video cameras, etc) are becoming more connected. Give the designers and the engineers a couple of years and we are going to see some truly awesome stuff (iPhone).

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The Importance of Open File Formats

The current trend towards open source has brought about incredible products and vast amounts of change in people and business. This can easily be seen in the Mozilla and Apache Foundations that control a surprisingly large amount of the web with the Firefox web browser and the Apache HTTP server. Other open source projects like bittorrent represent a large amount of the traffic across the internet. These 'revolutions' are not, however, a result of their open source roots, but rather a result of open standards on the internet. Think about all those open source software packages out there that attempt to duplicate closed, proprietary packages. They are great software packages because of their love of open standards. The world, business especially, is not falling in love with open souce software, because most people) are fine paying for software. However, people are starting to realize the value of open standards that are supported by multiple software packages. The internet is the best example of this. Aside from a few IE only pages, the internet is a gigantic collection of documents all encoded into an open format, HTML. People can use whatever piece of software, free or not, to browse the internet.

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Ubuntu Linux: Finally an OS for Me and My Grandma

Linux veterans, you probabily want to skip to the next paragraph. Those new to Linux, read on. Ubuntu is my new absolute recommendation for novices. Here's why. First, Ubuntu has by far the easiest installation process i have ever used, and i have tried quite a few distributions. Also, all my hardware just works with Ubuntu; I didn't have to touch a kernel or install any specific packages, which can be daunting to a new user. Second, Ubuntu has a great culture of community support. All of my questions were quickly and painlessly answered by a quick stop at google and I fully believe yours will be too. Third, Ubuntu comes with the best selection of software. While some other distributions include more software and more choice, I find that the simplicity of Ubuntu fits all my needs and leaves out all the clutter. A list of software included with Ubuntu is available at the end of this document for those unfamilar with the open source desktop. (By the way, all of this software is free, and most of it will run on your existing Windows or Mac system.)

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