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Why I Moved from Wordpress to Blogger

Ok, so to that one person who read my wordpress blog and are now looking at my blogger blog, this might be interesting to you. First, when I got started this whole blogging thing, I really had no idea what it was all about. Come to think of it, I still have no idea. Anyway, I just used wordpress because that's what a friend of mine was using. Please don't take this the wrong way; I love wordpress. It is easy to use yet expandable for lots of content. It has some awesome features like better tagging then blogger, great themes, and better organization than blogger. However it does have downsides to blogger, otherwise I would have stayed.

Now onto the reasons blogger is better. Blogger is owned by google. This is good and bad, but means that they have lots of cash. Because of this you get unlimited free photo space and never have to pay for things like css customization. In addition to being free, blogger integrates adsense so it is trivial to generate money from your blog. Now, we're not talking about a lot of money, but I feel like google ads add value to the side by referring visitors to great sites from google and other vendors. This could be a big deal if you get a lot of visitors. Next, blogger has, IMHO, better themes. The text looks smother, the colors look brighter, and everything is laid out nicer. I also like the ease at which colors can be matched and change. For example, look at another of my blogger blogs trojanconquest.com.

The last two reasons I choose blogger are more personal and advanced in some ways. First, blogger allows me to host my blog at my own domain, for free. While using wordpress, I setup davidabailey.com to forward to davidabailey.wordpress.com. This was fine, but anyone who went to my site would notice this, and if someone was sent a link, they would never know they could just go to davidabailey.com. Blogger has this cool feature where I can have www.davidabailey.com be masked, for lack of a better term. The content all appears to be hosted at another site, but www.davidabailey.com is really just a pointer (CNAME) to ghs.google.com. However, I can't find a way to use both davidabailey.com and www.davidabailey.com at the same time. Anyone at google got any ideas how to do this? [Edit: This has been fixed by forwarding davidabailey.com to www.davidabailey] I have saved the best reason for using blogger 'til the end. Blogger allows raw HTML to be used all over the page. See the links and flickr images on the side, that's all my HTML. Same goes for the adsense ads. I feel free to do whatever I want to this page. I guess that's the reason I switched in the end. Blogger feels more free, both monetarily and in spirit.


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