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Why Mainstream News Sucks

Is this news?

I'll keep this brief. News companies are companies just like any other and are driven by profit. This means advertising for the most part. Therefore, the news will show the stories that will either directly make them money (by being paid by a company to show a story highlighting that company), or by showing the story that will get them the most advertising dollars (by showing the most sensationalized news stories.)

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My Thoughts on Advertising

The unseen advertising

Great advertising will always be successful. The classic Apple commercials that make us associate cool, hip music with iPods are the top. So are the Budweiser commercials featuring the clydesdales we love. These are the Super Bowl ads, the ones we talk about with our friends and coworkers. This form of advertising, however, is not limited to TV. Billboards, internet ads, radio, etc. can also be Super Bowl ads.

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The Future of the World

Ahh, Europe

The NY Times has a great essay entitled "Waving Goodbye to Hegemony" discussing the future of the world written by Parag Khanna. Khanna argues that there will be three superpowers (U.S., E.U. and China) in the near future who will dominate the economics of the world. He also says that second-wold countries like Russia, Argentina and Iran will be the so-called swing states. They will determine who wins economically and will be doing deals behind the backs of the Big 3.

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Writing High School Essays Killed My Creativity

Looking back at all these posts, I am starting to see what I already know: I suck at writing. Even though I've been in the top classes at the best schools, teachers have beaten this horrible format into me. This is great for writing dry, boring papers for school; those I can churn out in no time. Thought-provoking, creative writing, that's another story. I've noticed all these posts have started with a plain, introductory first paragraph. If I deleted the first paragraph to any of these articles, they would instantly become more interesting. Second, I always had a problem writng to a specific length. I would either express all my ideas on one page or write a book on one topic. Now that I have freedom, I don't know what to do. How many paragraphs should I write? How long should they be? Third, I was never taught to write in a format other than an essay. Journalists never write articles with an introduction or a conclusion. They care about things like leads and know that readers will usually never reach the end of the article. Writing for the web is another story altogether. I don't have any idea what to do. I guess that it just goes back to the old idea that the best way to learn to write is to read and write for yourself.

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