David Bailey

Why Mainstream News Sucks

Is this news?
Is this news?

I'll keep this brief. News companies are companies just like any other and are driven by profit. This means advertising for the most part. Therefore, the news will show the stories that will either directly make them money (by being paid by a company to show a story highlighting that company), or by showing the story that will get them the most advertising dollars (by showing the most sensationalized news stories.)

People love sensationalized stories that make them feel like the are actually impacted instead of most of the boring news. Let's get real here for a moment. If you didn't watch/read/listen to the news for a year, would your life change? Exactly.

Second, people love the polarized country that is so popular now especially with elections coming up. This way people can take sides and the issues directly impact them.

Last, there isn't really enough news for the amount of news networks and agencies that exist. Therefore they try to make news out of stories that don't really matter, which ends up being most of the news.

Thanks for letting me rant some more :)


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