David Bailey

The Future of Transportation

In honor of Blog Action Day and recent frustations w/ greenness, here's the green future of transportation.

  1. Bikes! Bikes are the ultimate future. They are fun, green, fast, and provide great point to point transportation. They make our legs stronger. They can travel anywhere. Bike rentals are thriving in many cities around the world, including Paris. We also need separated bike lanes.
  2. Heavy/Light Rail Trains. Both are fun and functional. They can provide dedicated, frequent across a city. Whether at ground level, buried, or elevated, frequent, reliable, electric trains are the future. They also easily allow someone w/ a bike to travel longer distances or up steep hills.
  3. Public transportation needs to either be free (completely subsidized by government) or self-sustaining. There should be two arguments here. Either public transportation should be free, like roads, to encourage ridership and make the system easy for everyone. Or, public transportation should always be designed to be self-sustaining and any systems that cannot pay for themselves should be disassembled. This will let the good systems survive and the bad systems will fail and allow for new, better systems to exist. I am split on this issue.
  4. Last, we all take public transportation all the time and should get over our phobias. Everyone who flies in planes can appreciate public transportation unless they take private jets. Planes provide hub-based mass transit and has developed into a very successful industry. Don't bash public transportation and then go ride on a plane.



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