David Bailey

It's Not Easy Being Green

This fall, I've decided to try to live a greener life. I bike almost everywhere I go. I try to conserve electricity whenever possible. However, I have also met opposition. Three roadblocks preventing greenness. Maybe one of you has the answer, because I don't.

  1. So, these CFL lights are supposed to be awesome, right? I've always liked fluorescent lights. Their color is nice, and I appreciate the diffuse light. I thought CFLs would be a great way to save some electricity. It turns out they work great, except in the fixture in my room. The bulbs in my fixture flicker like crazy. When I use the bulbs in any other light, they work fine. Boo CFLs!
  2. Dear City of Los Angeles, You disappoint me. I thought you were a green city. I am trying to recycle, however you stand in my way. Let me explain. I have Waste Management at my residence. They take everything to the dump. LA has a free recycling program, but my landlord is too crazy to use it. You'd think there would be some place in town where I could then bring my recyclables. 311 says that place is 20 minutes on the other side of town in no traffic. Where do all the homeless people take their cans? Maybe I should ask them, because I'm sure they don't bike across town!!
  3. Transportation! Everyone knows LA has bad traffic. Therefore it should be easy to implement public transportation that is faster, easier, and cheaper then driving, right? However, public transpiration in LA is not only incredibly inconvenient (buses don't run regularly and most trips require several transfers), it's more expensive than driving ($4/day) and takes much longer. Every trip that I look into taking public transportation takes over twice and most of the time three times as long on public transportation.!

I'll let you know when I have more green problems. Thanks for letting me vent. :)


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