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Where to Eat In and Around Hollywood

Here's the lowdown on where to eat in Hollywood. Of course there's the trendy places, but these spots are dependable and well priced.

We'll start with Chinese. There's 3 places you might want to check out with different quality levels. Maos (Yelp) has some of the best Chinese in LA and it's affordable. They started out in Venice Beach, but opened up a Hollywood location a couple years ago. They made sure to keep their original character including dishes named Gang of Four fried shrimp and People's potstickers. If you want Chinese a little faster or cheaper, head over to Hoys Wok (Yelp) on Sunset. This is your standard Chinese place, fish tank included. Nothing is going to wow you, but it's not going to really disappoint you. Then there's Chinatown Express (Yelp). You can guess by the name this place is a Panda Express clone. The food isn't bad, it's super cheap, and you always get more then you can eat. If you need to just fill up, go to Chinatown Express.

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Jonathan Gold's 99 Essential LA Restaurants

The Oinkster.

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Great Food in LA


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A List of Good Restaurants in Albuquerque

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