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LA Metro Blue Line - Great Termini and a Little Slow

Blue Line Train along Washington Blvd.
Blue Line Train along Washington Blvd. Photo by bossco

A few weeks back I took a Metro Blue Line train from Los Angeles to Long Beach. This is what I think of the line.

  • Ticketing is easy (and cheap). Tickets are bought from machines at the station.
  • The ride is very smooth.
  • Trains are clean and not too crowded.
  • The stops are well spaced out allowing the train to move quickly (much faster than a bus). The dedicated right of way also helps the train move fast. There are still enough stops for them to be close to where you want to get on and off.
  • On that note, there is no reason to get off in the middle of the line. The only places to do things are at the two termini in Los Angeles and Long Beach. The stops along the line would only be of interest if you lived in that area. However, it seems like a lot of people get on and off quickly.
  • The train has to wait for some stop lights when the tracks run in the middle of the street. This is ridiculous. Come on, it's a train.
  • Long Beach Rocks!

During my recent experimentations with different forms of transportation I have come to the following conclusions about the speed of different forms of transportation. Of course all these modes of transportation also have a time associated with transfer between modes, and we all start walking. Speed of transfer also depends on where we have to park, how often the bus or train runs or other factors like airport security or delays.

from Slow to Fast.

  1. Walking
  2. Biking and buses
  3. Cars on city streets
  4. Rail (both local and long distance)
  5. Cars on highways
  6. Airplanes


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