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Flying for 1/3 the Price on Delta

Want to get from Albuquerque to Atlanta on the cheap? Don't buy a ticket from ABQ to ATL; get one to CLT (Charlotte). The flight to Charlotte is $212, but a ticket to Atlanta costs $601. The New York Times reported on this phenomenon a while back, but this is the first time I've seen such a drastic difference in fares myself. Buying the ticket with an extra leg to Charlotte results in a 65% savings! Digging deeper into the fares, the trip to Atlanta has the code M while the trip to Charlotte has the code U on both legs. The Fare Chart at cwsi.net/delta lists both codes as discounted coach fares.

If you'd like to take advantage of this unadvertised sale for Atlanta tickets, just buy a ticket to Charlotte. Be aware that you cannot check bags on this flight because those bags would end up in Charlotte. You could also be rerouted if your original flight is cancelled.

It is possible to find other deals such as this one on different routes. It is easiest to find cheaper flights to a major airline hub by looking for a ticket to a close-by city that would require a connection through the hub.

Happy Trails!

Flying for 1/3 the Price on Delta


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