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Dodger Stadium Aerial Tramway

Dodger Stadium
Dodger Stadium

Traffic, parking, and Dodgers: three hallmarks of Los Angeles. How can we address the first two to make a Dodger's game better? Lots of folks have suggested public transit to Dodger Stadium. One of the more reasonable suggestions is an aerial tram between the Gold Line and Dodger Stadium. Let's see how the numbers stack up agains two similar, recently constructed aerial trams, the Portland Aerial Tram to Oregon Health & Science University and the Emirates Air Line in London. Obviously, the Dodger's airline sponsor, United, should buy naming rights to the United Air Line.

Porland Aerial Tram

  • Opened: December 2006
  • Line length: 3300 Feet
  • Cash fare: $4 (round-trip)
  • Cost: $57,000,000
  • Capacity: 1560 people per hour
  • 2 Gondolas with 78 people each

Emirates Air Line (London)

  • Opened: June 2012
  • Line length: 3281 Feet
  • Cash fare: $6.82 (one-way)
  • Cost: $71,500,000
  • Capacity: 2,500 people per hour
  • 34 Gondolas with 10 people each

Dodger Stadium (estimated)

  • Line length: ~2500 Feet
  • Cash fare: unknown
  • Cost: $50,000,000 - $100,000,000 (comparable with Downtown Streetcar at $125,000,000)
  • Dodger Stadium Express (bus between Union Station and Dodger Stadium) Capacity: 5,787 boardings per game
  • Dodger Stadium Capacity: 56,000 (2012 Average: 41,040)
  • Gold Line Capacity: 10 trains per hour in each direction * 500 people per train
An example route
An example route

How big is 1000 parking spaces?
How big is 1000 parking spaces?


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