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Attending European Universities as an International Student

Munich, Germany is home to several world-class universities.
Munich, Germany is home to several world-class universities.
  • Search each country's website for programs that interest you. Filter based on subjects that interest you and English-language programs. Most degree programs (Bachelors, Masters, and PhD) countries cost less than 500 Euro per year. However, some programs, typically MBA programs, cost 10,000+ Euro per year. Also, some countries, such as the UK, are equally as expensive as the USA.
  • Make a list of programs you are interested in applying to. Go to those school's websites and look at their application process and timelines. Then start applying. Most schools require transcripts, a motivational statement, and a resume, but do not require letters of recommendation, test scores, or an application fee. Then wait to hear where you are accepted.
  • Once accepted, you must accept your acceptance. You also have to pay your student fees (See Tip #1). Then you need to sign up for health insurance, request a visa, and move to your new home. You can typically sign up for health insurance online. They may ask for a bank account to debit payments from which you can sign up for once you arrive in your new home. You may or may not need a visa before you leave depending on what country you are moving too. When moving, pack light, not right. You do not need many things to study. Before leaving, consider porting your cell phone number to Google Voice.
  • Many schools have orientation programs that start before school. If your school has a program, apply for it as soon as possible. If not, moving to your new country early may be a good idea. This will give you time to find a place to live, open a bank account, finalize health insurance and/or a visa, and get acclimated to your new home. Some schools ofter student housing which is often simple and cheap. Or, consider renting an Airbnb for a week or two while looking for local housing. However, consider that you will be competing with your fellow students for a place to live so start your search early. When you arrive, purchase a SIM card from a local carrier. European cell phone plans are relatively cheap. Apple maintains a list of carriers in different countries. Consider taking language classes if you do not know the local language.


  1. Europeans often use bank transfers for payment. Schools, apartments, health insurance providers, etc. may ask you to transfer money to their International Bank Account Number (IBAN). Services such as TransferWise perform these transfers faster, easier, and cheaper than your bank.


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